Welcome to aquaponicsgrowbeds.com where we deal exclusively with the revolutionary new EasyPonix grow beds and leg systems.

Aquaponics-Grow-Bed-and-Leg-Syestem_Filled_Side-View2.jpg Aquaponics-Grow-bed-Leg-Syestem_Long_View.jpg

What makes these grow beds so revolutionary you ask? Well they are the first aquaponics grow bed system that is specifically designed for you guessed it, aquaponics. We have seen many different systems and set ups over the years made of mismatched parts and set up on bulky cinder blocks or wood frames. That makes them hard to move around to get that perfect set up not to mention unsightly. Other systems are so low to the ground that you have to get on your hands and knees just to tend your garden.

EasyPonix Bed Aquaponics-Grow-Bed-and-Leg-Syestem_Under_View2.jpg

The Easyponix grow bed systems are designed with the gardener in mind. While sitting on top of the portable base, each bed stands almost 3′ high so there is no back aches after tending to your garden. The beds measure 3.5′ x 6′ x 12″. Each bed has 21 square feet of grow space and can hold over a ton of weight.